The company is driven by passion and was founded in The Netherlands in 2012. Our aim is to extend limits to design, and try to enhance view on temporary art that could exceed clients’ expectation. Our business serves valued clients in retail, interior design, and esteemed customers. In the Netherlands and abroad.
The HOFUN concept is not only a global Dutch label for excusive design in contemporary style, but also a commitment to essential elements: quality, design, durability and reliable service.

The collection Sculpture for Flowers is handmade in close collaboration with HOFUN. With a background in corporate finance, Elisa Hau trained as a welder and further developed in design combines her expertise in the creative field. She is the founder of HOFUN and the driving multi-tasking force behind the metal art concept.


Menno Meyer

Goldsmith, a well-known shaper and award-winning artist in The Netherlands developed the Sculpture for Flowers collection. With this innovative collection he is introducing an interesting new aspect to the world of flower display.
Menno Meyer earned his credentials at the Institute for Applied Arts in Schoonhoven, The Netherlands and continued his studies at the Hohere Kunst- und Fachhochschule Für Metallgestaltung in Phorzheim, Germany. Here the Bauhaus ideals of creativity and craftsmanship played a central role.
He took part in national and international expositions and won a gold medal in Muchen, twice the “Gulden Vorm” in Utrecht and a Design Certificate from the Silver Fair in Mexico. Menno Meyer represents the seventh generation of artistic craftsmanship in metal.